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EcomPaperSaver tool crops order labels and bills from bulk shipment PDF documents of Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, Snapdeal and more e-commerce platforms, generates one/two/four labels and bills per page and prints over A4/A5/A6 sticker papers using any printer.

EcomPaperSaver is free to try for 7 days, and only INR 60 per month for processing unlimited PDF order files of Flipkart, Meesho, Amazon, Snapdeal and more e-commerce marketplaces. Windows based free setup can be downloaded from the homepage LabelCropper.com

Cropped Label Pages

Shipping labels of e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, Snapdeal etc can be printed as one, two, or four labels and bills per page for pre-cut sticker pages.

Four labels per sheet
Cropped A6/A5/A4 label

Cropped Invoice Pages

EcomPaperSaver crops invoices and generates printable bill pages of 1/2/4 bills per sheet for Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, Snapdeal bulk order files which can be printed over A4/A5/A6 pages.

Four bills per sheet
Cropped A6/A5/A4 bill

Flipkart Cropped Labels

Flipkart order shipping files consists of pickup address label at the top and invoice at the bottom. Using EcomPaperSaver, Flipkart sellers can generate 4 shipping labels or bills per A4 sheet and print them in batch over A4 quarter sticker papers using Laser or Inkjet Printers. Flipkart sellers can also generate 4"x6" label and invoice using EcomPaperSaver for superfast printing over thermal rolls.

Flipkart thermal label page
Flipkart four labels sheet

Amazon Cropped Labels

Amazon easyship FBA order files contain shipping label and bill placed side by side per half sheet. EcomPaperSaver crops the label and bill part from the Amazon shipping files, and clubs four/two cropped labels and bills over single sheets for A4/A5 sticker pages or single label and bill per A6(4"x6") sheet using Thermal, Laser or Inkjet Printers.

Amazon thermal label page
Amzon four labels sheet

Meesho Cropped Labels

Meesho order files contain label and invoice placed side by side. EcomPaperSaver software crops Meesho order files and generates cropped shipping and bill pages. Meesho sellers can print four/two/single shipping labels and invoices per A4/A5/A6 stickers or paper sheets using Laser, Inkjet or Thermal Printers in batch.

Meesho thermal label page
Meesho four labels sheet

Snapdeal Cropped Labels

Snapdeal marketplace order shipment files contain shipping label and invoice placed side by side including some false blank pages. EcomPaperSaver crops Snapdeal order shipping labels and bills and prints four, two or single order labels and bills per page in batch over A6/A5/A4 sticky or normal pages.

Snapdeal thermal label page
Snapdeal four labels sheet

Custom Shipping Labels

EcomPaperSaver can make custom shipping labels by superimposing product name and SKU information over shipping labels. Adding item information over all marketplace shipping labels helps a lot while packing the products by matching the SKUs printed over the labels itself.

Snapdeal custom label
PaytmMall custom label

4 Labels/Bills per Page

E-commerce sellers can bulk crop order files using EcomPaperSaver tool and print four shipping labels and bills per A4 page.

Quarter (A4) Shipping Pages

2 Labels/Bills per Page

EcomPaperSaver can used to print 4, 2 or 1 label and invoice per sheet over A4, A5 or A6 sticky pages or thermal rolls using any general purpose or thermal printer.

Half (A4/A5) Shipping Pages

Cropped Labels/Bills

Cropped labels and bills generated using EcomPaperSaver can be printed over A6/A5/A4 sticker pages or thermal rolls using any thermal, laser, inkjet printer.

Thermal Labels and Bills
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